Jennifer Wallenfels, LMP
Deep Tissue & Abdominal Massage

Natural Pain Relief!

1502 S Union Ave, Suite 2
Tacoma, WA 98405
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I specialize in positional release therapy, a painless way to treat the deepest tissues. I melt your muscles instead of mashing them!  I work on the ligaments that hold the joints using gentle osteopathic techniques, which can produce profound improvement in joint function.

I am certified in Chi Nei Tsang, a form of Chinese Abdominal Massage, which can be helpful for digestive disorders, female reproductive system problems, and emotional processing.

I do Craniosacral work, which affects the nervous system directly, and is fantastic for headaches, digestion, and stress.

I am a registered Hypnotherapist and practice BodyMind Bridge, which is a way to explore your inner landscape. 

I'm a Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner, and use crystals in conjunction with my treatments to enhance their effectiveness.

I accept First Choice network, L&I, and Personal Injury Protection (part of your auto insurance policy).  Sorry, I am not able to accept other insurance plans.

I work Tuesday - Friday, with my first appointment at 10:00 AM and my last appointment as late as 5:00 PM. Please note, my 5:00 appointments are my most popular and are sometimes difficult to come by.

60 minutes        $110
90 minutes        $160
120 minutes      $210

3 x 60 min         $315 ($105 each)
6 x 60 min         $600 ($100 each)

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