Jennifer Wallenfels, LMP
Deep Tissue & Abdominal Massage

About Jennifer Wallenfels, LMP

WA Lic# MA60054727
I first considered going into massage at 14 years old, trading back-rubs with friends at ballet school. On my third career, I’ve found my true calling! I love helping people feel better.

I have been using natural and alternative healing methods for 29 years. I have a background in nutrition, herbs & supplements, fitness, dance, yoga, chi kung, meditation and breathwork.

My specialties are Abdominal Massage (sometimes known as Chi Nei Tsang or Visceral Massage), and deep tissue (my style includes Triggerpoint and Myofascial Release). I've recently started incorporating Craniosacral and Positional Release into my work, to get better results with less painful and strenuous methods.

I love what I do, because there’s nothing better than hearing you say, “My pain is gone!” Call me at 253/691-7611 to find out more.
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